THIS paper examines the Galampa as a public space for fishing communities in Holimombo Jaya Village on the Eastern Coast of Buton Island. Galampa as a public space is a representation of the world that is always adjacent and located in the east of the mosque. This public space is a space or community meeting hall to discuss various matters relating to social, economic, and cultural activities of the community.

In its history, the effective Galampa functioned in the social life of the local community in Buton, drawing on the concept of public space discussed by Habermas. The study focuses on the function and role of Galampa in the social, cultural, and economic life of the community and the implication of the institution’s presence in solving various problems.

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Ilustrasi/foto: Kompasiana

* Penulis: Ahmadin Umar, dosen Fakultas Ilmu Sosial Universitas Negeri Makassar (UNM). Makalah ini disajikan pada International Conference on Social Sciences (ICSS) di Nusa Dua, Bali (2018).

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